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Travel Tomorrow is a podcast about what's new and coming around the corner in travel, co-hosted by Joe Baur and Alicia Underlee Nelson.

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Hiking While Black

Costumes on parade in England, the Japanese word for sun in the forest, and discussing diversity in outdoor recreation with advocate...

A Social Distancing Staycation

How do we stay home, stay curious, and stay sane? Since COVID-19 has changed everything, we're all going to find out, together. Right...

Brawling for Seats and Heritage Travel

Brawling over airplane seats, what Jew oughta know about heritage travel with Birthright’s Jason Harris, and the Welsh word that takes...

I Only Understand "Train Station"

No pants on the subway, train talk with Yonah Freemark, and the Germans know what to say when you don’t understand a thing. Instagram |...


A poop-infused wildfire, a Dutch word that’ll annihilate cabin fever and writer and Outside Magazine Contributing Editor Marc Peruzzi...

I Won't Be Home For The Holidays

A woman gives birth on a flight to North Carolina, a couple of cruisers get held hostage at a hospital in Mexico, and not everyone’s...

Killing Me Selfie

Why are people dying for a cool vacation photo? Dr. Sarah Diefenbach of the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich details the...

Whitewashing History

Cultural heritage specialist Jeanne Cyriaque discusses how heritage travel combats the whitewashing of history, we share online reviews...

Cruising For Coke And Maritime Mischief

Skift’s Global Tourism Reporter, Rosie Spinks, joins us from London to pull back the curtain on the cruise industry, drug running senior...

It's A Flying Shame

Climate scientist, founder of NoFlyClimateSci, and author of Being The Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution, Dr. Peter Kalmus...

A Podcast About What's New In Travel

You know what the world needs? "Peace!" "Social justice!" "Someone to cool it with the wildfires!" Right... Those. But somewhere on that...

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