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Work From Home, Away From Home

Octopus selfies, New Zealand trolls Instagram photographers, and travel writer Lindsey Ranzau takes working from home on the road.

First Stop:

New Zealand tourism officials have a message for travelers -- take an original photo, for the love of God. The video campaign parodies rangers looking for “travelers under the social influence” and lists several poses you'll definitely recognize.

We've talked a lot about how social media has shaped travel (and our own brains) on this podcast. Travel writer and podcaster Pip Jones touched on the perils of traveling for Instagram in our last episode. Curiosity Magazine founder Rebecca Holland laid out the differences between influencers and journalists. And Dr. Sarah Diefenbach shared why people were literally risking their lives for that perfect photo in an episode we cheekily called Killing Me Selfie.

What's your least favorite social media pose?

Next Stop:

Thanks to the pandemic, Lindsey Ranzau, a travel writer and the creator of, isn't traveling around the world for work at the moment. Instead, she's working remotely from locations in the Midwest in a series of working staycations. You can see some of these trips on Instagram at @LindseyRanzau.

In this episode, she shares how to choose a good place to stay, how to effectively arrange your work day, what to pack and how to make sure you leave time for a little socially distant fun. If you're sick of staring at the same four walls as you work from home, this episode is for you.

Have you tried working remotely from anywhere other than home?

How did it go?


Photographer Gaetano Dario Gargiulo won Best in Show and first place in the wide-angle category of the Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition with a close-up photo of an octopus in Kamay Botany Bay National Park in New South Wales, Australia.

But (plot twist) it was the octopus who took the photo. You can see if for yourself here.

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