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Raising Culturally Curious Kids

A nude dude challenges a wild boar, Negra Bohemian’s Iliah Grant-Altoro tells us how to raise culturally curious kids, and Norwegians teach us how to get things done.

First Stop:

Drama in Berlin! The Guardian reported that a nude sunbather in Teufelsee in west Berlin took on a wild boar that stole his laptop and emerged victorious. It's amusing and definitely worth a read.

It's a much better outcome than the story about the woman attacked by a bison in South Dakota that Alicia referenced. (Luckily, she wasn't seriously hurt.)

Mentioned in today's episode:

Listen to Forshpil, the band Joe talked about.

Next Stop:

Alicia interviewed Iliah Grant-Altoro, founder of Negra Bohemian for today's episode. She joined us from Minneapolis, Minnesota to talk about how we can help the kids in our lives be more curious, engaged and globally conscious.

We're pretty sure that her three kids have traveled to more countries that both of us combined, which is impressive. The tips she discussed are relevant for adults too. And they'll help occupy all of us during this season when we're either not traveling very far from, or not traveling at all.

Language Love:



A cultural tradition where a community works together for a common goal

You can read more about how dugnad shapes life in Norway in this BBC article. Or read Kelsey L.O.’s thoughts about how it has influenced the coronavirus pandemic in this Medium story.

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