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Keeping Local Travel Fun

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Mariachi trolling, the Japanese describe our pandemic reading habits and CBC Manitoba personality and podcaster Natalie Bell gets us excited about local travel.

First Stop:

Ted Cruz's neighborhood was treated to an impromptu Mariachi Mi Mexico concert a when

GoFundMe campaign benefitting Texas Children's Hospital sent the band to play outside the

Senator’s home. The stunt joined widespread social media mockery and bunch of vacation memes (including some from his own colleagues) shaming Cruz for slinking off to Cancun while his constituents battled a deadly winter storm. You can listen here.

For more pandemic-traveling-politicians, check out our "Pandemic Travel Protocols and Precautions" to learn how not one but two U.S. Mayors ignored take their own travel advice.

Next Stop:

We're entering year two of the pandemic and we could all use a few tips to keep local travel fresh. So I asked Natalie Bell to show us how to help us find a few surprises in our home turf

Natalie is a local travel expert. She specializes in showcasing interesting people, places and events in and around her own hometown of Winnipeg, Canada.

Follow her for all things Winnipeg at and catch PegCity Kudos on CBC Manitoba. She also covers a range of topics on Instagram @PegCityLovely and on her podcast, Peg City Chat With Nat.

Are you planning to travel outside your city, state or province in 2021?

Why or why not?

What's the vaccine timeline here you live?

Have you or anyone you know been vaccinated yet?

Language Love:

Tsundoku 積ん読


Stack of books that you allow to pile up, often unread.

Do you have a tsundoku problem?

Do you even think it is a problem? (Spoiler alert: Alicia does not, despite Joe's dire predictions.)

What books should we read next? (Especially Joe. He needs to get buried in books asap.)

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