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Exploring Abandoned Places

Rampaging bison, exploring abandoned places with Zachary Hargrove and how the Italians make decay sound pretty.

Show Notes

Questions for you:

Since most of the world is staying home, we're spending time in similar ways.

So which quarantine cliches are you living? Tell us in the comments.

P.S. Alicia did a little research and discovered that Victory Gardens actually date back to World War I. Everything old is new again.

First Stop:

Many National Parks in the U.S. are slowly reopening. On May 20, Cowboy State Daily published this serious (and seriously amusing) headline: Tourist Forgets to Social Distance From Bison — Gets Head-Butted in Yellowstone.

“Coronavirus or not, tourists at Yellowstone continue to act like tourists,” the story reads. “This is the first incident between a human and a bison in 2020 and with the Park only open for three days, it could be a banner year. Perhaps records will be broken.”

Don't worry, the tourist in question is (happily, almost miraculously) fine. We're guessing there were a few exasperated sighs and eye rolls being traded in the newsroom while this story was being written.

Next Stop:

Since many of us are looking for local, social distancing activities to try this summer, interest in exploring ruins and abandoned places is increasing. Alicia chatted with Zachary Hargrove, a meteorologist, storm chaser, landscape photographer and the author of "Abandoned North Dakota: Weathered By Time" about how we can see abandoned places safely and respectfully.

This interview gives you tips about how to find places like this near you and includes tips and stories from The Great Plains and urban Atlanta to alpine scenes in Switzerland and rural France. If you're interested in seeing more of Zachary's photography, you kind find his work at or follow on Instagram and Furious Skies on Facebook.

Language Love:

Cadente (Italian)

Derelict, crumbling, falling down, ruined

What about you?

Where do you want to go first after the pandemic is over?

What will make travel feel safe again for you?

What close encounters with wildlife have you experienced?

Which types of abandoned places have you explored?

What's your advice for staying safe while exploring ruins?

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