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Machu Picchu's Only Tourist and Learning by Traveling

A Machu Picchu travel dream comes true, writer and homeschool educator Brandy Gleason tells us how to plan educational trips and the Anangu define the prevailing mood of 2020.

First Stop:

Have you ever dreamed of seeing Machu Picchu without the crowds? Last month, Japanese tourist Jesse Katayama got to do exactly that when he scored a private tour. But as this Lonely Planet article shows, he had to wait an awfully long time for that particular privilege.

Next Stop:

The pandemic has changed how we travel and how we learn. Writer, homeschooling educator and speaker Brandy Gleason of joined us to talk about how to combine travel and education, whether you have kids in your life or not.

Brandy specializes in outdoor travel, so her ideas and suggestions are appropriate even for the pandemic age. Be sure to check out her step-by-step planning advice and follow her adventures on Instagram for a little inspiration.

Full disclosure alert: Brandy and Alicia both contributed to the upcoming book, Midwest Road Trip Adventures, which will be available in December.

Speaking of books, if you were curious about what we were nattering about in our opening segment, NaNoWriMo stands for "National Novel Writing Month," which happens every November. We are just two of the writers/masochists attempting this feat.

How about you?

What educational destinations are your favorites?

Which educational spots are on your bucket list?

Where and how are you traveling during the pandemic?

How do you integrate learning something new into your travel plans?

Language Love:


Pitjantjatjara (spoken by the Anangu of the Central Australian desert)

Excessive, disruptive and repetitive worrying or ‘too much thinking’

A study revealed that Pitjantjatjara doesn't have a word that describes depression, but we thin the above term sums up anxiety pretty darn well. We're also reasonably certain that we butchered the pronunciation of both the language and this word despite our best efforts. So as always (but especially in an episode dedicated to, you know, education) we encourage you to learn more from people who know what the heck they're talking about.

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