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Cruising For Coke And Maritime Mischief

Skift’s Global Tourism Reporter, Rosie Spinks, joins us from London to pull back the curtain on the cruise industry, drug running senior citizens get busted on a boat in Portugal and a cruise and rescue is successful off the coast of Cuba.

Want to go deep? (Is a silly water pun in the show notes for a cruise ship episode too much? Probably. But we're making it anyway.)

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled show notes.

Show Notes:

First Stop:

If elderly outlaws float your boat (oh Lord, another maritime pun), you can read more about the details of the case below.

And lest you think Alicia is a fledgling drug dealer, here's a link to the drug prices she referenced in this week's episode.

Interview: Rosie Spinks

At Skift, Rosie keeps us informed about cruise industry developments, including Venice's attempt to prevent cruise ship overtourism and cruisers' environmental concerns.

Environmental Studies:

These two in-depth environmental studies take a deep dive (last pun, we promise) into the issues that most worry environmental advocates.

Cruises targeting non-cruisers:

Check out how companies are trying to reach millennials and cruise skeptics like ourselves. Do you think it'll be successful?


Here's a look inside that successful water rescue that closed out the show.

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