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Black Lives Matter Through The Lens

The flight to nowhere, traveling for journalism with Joshua Lott, and how Finnish folks define grit.

First Stop:

On July 2, 60 travelers went to Taipei Songshan Airport happily boarded a flight that went nowhere. They were so excited about it that they actually registered to win the experience.

Airport officials told told CNN Travel that the popular tour let faux travelers go through security screening, immigration processes and actually board the plane. Then they just headed back home.

Okay, what? We miss traveling too, but not this part of it.

Are we being unfair? Would you take this tour?

Next Stop:

The pandemic has changed absolutely everything, including how we travel. But essential personnel like Chicago-based photojournalist Joshua Lott still have to cover the stories that are shaping our world. And they're doing that at a moment when that's becoming increasingly dangerous for a variety of reasons.

Joshua has covered immigration crackdowns, wildfires and the 2008 election and has been traveling across the country to photograph Black Lives Matter protests in recent weeks. He's a frequent contributor to Reuters, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Getty Images and Agence France Presse. You can see his images in Time, Politico and Newsweek and follow his work on Instagram @joshualott.

His conversation with Joe covered a variety of topics, including how covering protests has changed, how he travels now and how he prepares for a shift. He also gives citizen journalists some helpful tips.

Where do you get your news?

How have on the ground reports changed how you think of a story?

Have you filmed, photographed or reported about events in your area? Why or why not?

Language Love:

Sisu (Finnish)

Determination, grit, bravery and perseverance in the face of adversity, the ability to dig deep and keep going when others have given up.

Thanks to Jaana Jätyri for recording this YouTube video which cited the Time article from July 8, 1940 that we quoted in this episode. This might be a word that describes the Finnish national character, but it's a useful attribute for any of us who might be flagging at the moment. 2020 has been a beast and it's not over yet.

How are you keeping your spirits up this year?

How are you practicing self-care?

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