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Black Brown Berlin

A tiny astronaut at the airport, Femi Oyewole tells us about Black Brown Berlin and the Dutch tell us how to call someone out for sticking their head in the sand.

People, we're actually traveling this week! Don't worry, we'll be social distancing and being super cautious and responsible.

How is travel restricted where you are? Are you able to travel this summer? How are you doing it responsibly?

And speaking of traveling responsibly...

First Stop:

Video of a parent and child in a Chinese airport in full astronaut gear went viral on Tik Tok and showed up on @PassengerShaming earlier this month. It sparked a discussion about exactly how safe we feel (or don't feel) traveling by air right now.

Also I (Alicia) would like a virtual round of applause for the super mama the got her child into full (albeit improvised) protective gear and out in public. When my son was that age, I couldn't even get him to wear pants.

As we referenced in the episode, supermodel Naomi Campbell did indeed wear a full Hazmat suit to the airport early in the coronavirus pandemic. So clearly, these outfits have a precedent.

What would it take for you to feel comfortable flying right now?

Next Stop:

For this episode Joe talked with Femi Oyewole, actor, musician, dancer and the founding director of –– a community directory and platform celebrating Black & Brown culture and community in Berlin. His thoughts about the importance of representation, allyship, promoting safe and inclusive spaces and cultivating community are both timely and relevant.

What about you?

Which cities surprised you with their diversity?

How do you seek out businesses run by people of color when you travel?

How about closer to home?

How do you find businesses and events that are welcoming to all?

Language Love:

Struisvogelpolitek (Dutch)

This descriptive word literally means “ostrich politics.” It refers to the (annoyingly human) practice of metaphorically sticking your head in the sand (like an ostrich does quite literally) to ignore things you don't want to hear.

Hmmmm...yeah, we've seen a little of that lately...How about you?

Featured photo by Jiuk Kim

Stylist: David Dinj

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