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Adopt A Hostel

Anti-social fashion, an attitude MacGyver would be proud of, and how you can adopt a hostel with Kash Bhattacharya.

Show Notes

First Stop:

What do you do when the people around you don’t practice social distancing? Create your own "keep away" look.

From inflatable pink unicorn costumes to a knight's armor to gas mask, 10 Daily has a round-up of several of the most bizarre social distancing outfits. To make things even weirder, Vogue reports that details that create space around the wearer -- like giant skirts, big shoulders and veils -- are actually trending for fall 2020.

And of course, one can argue that wearing the same comfy sweatpants for days could also be an anti-social fashion look, depending on the grunge level you're comfortable with. (No judgment -- we're right there with you.)

Next Stop:

Joe spoke with Kash Bhattacharya, who has launched a program called Adopt A Hostel, which allows consumers to help keep hostels around the world afloat until we can all travel again. Kash won a National Geographic Travel Blogger of the Year in 2016 Traveller for his blog, Budget Traveller. He’s also the author of The Grand Hostels: Luxury Hostels of the World.

Language Love:

Jugaad जुगाड़

(Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi )

An unconventional workaround, a hack, cobbling together a novel solution to a problem with whatever resources you have on hand.

This BBC video and article discusses the concept of jugaad in depth.

Alicia would like to nominate jugaad for the word of 2020 word. Seriously, isn't this pretty much what we've all been doing for months? Brilliant word, Indian subcontinent. Well played.

What about you?

How have you adjusted your clothing choices while social distancing?

What's your favorite hostel or your favorite hostel memory?

What's your favorite thing about staying in a hostel?

What will it take for you to feel comfortable staying in a hostel again?

What creative life hacks have you put in place to make your new reality work?

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