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A Podcast About What's New In Travel

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

You know what the world needs?


"Social justice!"

"Someone to cool it with the wildfires!"

Right... Those. But somewhere on that list is: another podcast.

We're here to allay the world of that problem, bringing to you Travel Tomorrow, a podcast about what's new in travel. Join us as we discuss the travel issues of our time and what to expect around the corner.

To kick things off, we'll look at the true impact of air travel on climate change, what the difference between a a travel journalist, influencer, and blogger is, we'll peek behind the curtain of the cruise industry—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. (So long as icebergs are still a thing.)

Our first episode with Dr. Peter Kalmus of NoFlyClimateSci fame will be out on Tuesday, September 10th. Expect new episodes every other week.

Meantime, if you have questions, thoughts, ideas, concerns—whatever's on your mind—you can reach us at Otherwise, keep an eye out on this space!

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